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From producing beats to writing stories, Azul first began making music as a hobby before realizing its benefits as a creative and educational outlet. Azul started to pursue his musical talent more professionally in order to raise awareness of neurological & Mental Health disorders, providing support and solace for those who are suffering but too afraid to speak out. To be certain, there is not much out there that tackles these issues in such a brave and caring manner. Azul’s artistry and inspiration stem largely from visual art, from comic books and graphic novels to textiles and drawing. “I love creativity,” says the producer. “It can distract and take your thoughts into a different dimension.” Hospitalized as a child with a birth defect, Azul has overcome many obstacles, subsequently found escape, comfort, and therapy in reading and writing. He says ”those were my boredom killers as well as relief” Azul continues to find escape, inspiration, and creativity through art — and this creative integrity can be heard in his music. Undeniably one of a kind.


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