Victus Radio aims to help small artists grow and establish a platform. This can range from just getting out there, getting more listeners, and getting feedback. We help fund, manage, and more for some select artists as well!
We also aim to provide a 24/7 radio station curated for everyone! AutoDJ requests run all day, whenever you want. Requesting music on demand is so easy, and we believe in ourselves!
At Victus Radio, we call our employees ``a team`` because we work so well with each other. We help each other out whenever someone needs something just like a team!

Founded in


Originally starting from a skype call, Victus Radio grew officially into a website and radio station in 2016.

Small artists over


So far, we have helped over 250+ small artists in some way shape or form!
We really love them!

We've employed more than 15 people since 2014 at Victus, so in other words, we're small.

Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez

I’m Alex! I’ve been working on Victus Radio for more than five years now. I really love 80’s music and Today’s Top Hits! I work with small artists and our listener base to help make Victus Radio better than ever on a daily basis!


Human Resources
This positon is OPEN


Work together!