No worries, you can view the status of your application here

Short answer: Yes!

After applying for a job and you decide to update your resume you will need to update your candidate profile with the new resume.

We will always check your profile before continuing with the application just to make sure everything is up to date! 🙂

Yes, visit here and scroll down until you see the following:

“Your name”, “Your email”, “Subject”, “Message”!

Anyone who signs up for Job Alerts will receive an email when Victus Radio posts a job. If they apply, through the email, they’ll be marked with a special tag that categorizes you for first pick or first “looks”.  This can be very beneficial to one if there are currently no openings, but want to apply.

You would be the first person to know about the job opening and priority when you apply if there’s a queue. That’s epic!

Need help? Call us at +1 312-971-3522.

Depending on your candidate profile, we match your skills. Most of our jobs will be entry-level so you should receive almost all job alerts for all the jobs we post.

If you don’t then the automatic matching system may think your not qualified. Don’t be discouraged! Apply, you never know it could probably be an error.